After a part has gone through our acid dipping process it's bare metal. Bare metal needs to be handled with care to avoid rust problems. Here are some helpful tips and information.
  • Keep parts dry
  • Store dipped parts in a dry shop/garage
  • Epoxy prime them for long term storage
  • What to do before epoxy
  • What can I use inside hard to access areas
  • Epoxy in spray can for home use
300 Acid dip 57 Chevy doors strip paint treat rust
310 rust inhibitor to stop flash rusting on bare metal

Keep parts dry

  • Important to keep parts from getting any moisture on them.
  • Our rust inhibitor does an excellent job of guarding against rust. However, for it to work best parts should be kept dry at all times
  • Some minimal water during short transportation generally doesn't cause rust issues. We prefer to avoid any rain getting to your parts if possible
  • Keep them in an average garage or shop and they will look the same for years.
  • We have parts in our shop that have been sitting for several years and look just the same as the day they came out of the tanks.
320 E coat epoxy 57 chevy pickup cab

Epoxy primer

  • Epoxy is required on bare metal to seal it and to provide for proper adhesion for primer and paint.
  • Anyone saying they couldn’t get paint to stick to parts after they had them dipped that's because they didn't use epoxy like they should have
  • E-coat is not the same product as "epoxy"
  • Epoxy primer is a two part, catalyzed product. Therefore it must be sprayed due to fact one part is a hardener.
  • A very common question is if we dip parts into epoxy. It's not possible with a catalyzed product.
  • E-coat is a different type of product that we do not know enough about to recommend on parts after our acid / metal dipping process.
330 scotch brite clean bare metal parts

How to prep parts for epoxy

  • Here is the exact steps our guys use in our body shop
  • Step 1: scotch brite or sand the surface until it is shiny metal and any micro debris is removed
  • Step 2: wipe clean with a wax & grease remover product that is recommended to match your primer. They may take several times.
  • Step 3: clean with a "Final Wipe" product recommended to match with your primers and paints
  • Step 4: Spray with epoxy
340 3M Rust Fighter-I  protect bare metal auto parts

Protecting the hard to reach areas

  • 3M Product called Rust Fighter I is a product that's designed to protect bare or primed metal
  • We sell 3M Rust Fighter I
  • Here is a the description from the 3M website about their Rust Fighter-I product:
  • A non-hardening corrosion protection coating for internal cavities in a quart can. Also known as a cavity wax. Designed to provide a self-healing, corrosion protective coating for inner body panels and frame rails.
350 Spray MAX E-coat  epoxy aerosol can

Epoxy spray in aerosol can

  • Spray Max 2K: Epoxy Rust Cure Primer in a can We sell Spray MAX 2k cans!!
  • This is an exciting new product that allows anyone to easily spray two part epoxy at home.
  • Two component primer epoxy based, for universal applications
  • Overcoat with any 1K/2K base /topcoat system, putty & polyester products
  • 14.1 oz. aerosol can Professional two part epoxy in one aerosol
  • Innovative nozzle & valve technology in combination with new propellant technology
  • SprayMax has more yield, faster work speed, & broader spray pattern than conventional aerosols
  • Professional paint results, sprays like a Spray Gun, no cleaning spray guns, no thinner for cleaning, no compressor, less over spray
360 acid dip whole car body

370 strip paint from car body

380 acid dip 68 Ford Mustang body

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