Proper preparation is important before bringing your items to us for acid dipping. Proper prep will allow us and our chemicals to do the best job possible.
  • Take everything apart fully
  • Remove all wood
  • Remove aluminum VIN tags
  • Remove trunk springs
  • Remove all emblems
  • Remove fuel sending units
  • Remove padding & insulation
  • Remove all door hinges possible
10000  jeep land cruiser body top after acid dipping
10010 Vespa Scooter body after hot tank to strip paint

Take everything apart

  • The number one issue when people bring in parts. Everything that is intended to come apart needs to be apart for proper cleaning
  • Door hinges: remove them if possible
  • Hood latch springs: remove them
  • Wiring: remove it all, your going to anyway because it's just after going through out process
10020 remove wood before acid dipping to strip paint

Remove all wood

  • Wood needs to be removed prior to metal dipping
  • It contaminates our tanks
10030 aluminum VIN tags pot metal remove before hot tank caustic soda

Remove all aluminum

  • VIN tags are the number one most important aluminum to remove
  • Most domestic cars the only aluminum is the VIN tag
  • European cars: need to be careful and watch out because it's not uncommon to find some use of aluminum in some bodies & parts
10040 VW beetle body acid dip hot tank strip paint

Remove all springs

  • All spring and spring material needs to be removed from car bodies and parts
  • Trunk springs
  • Gas door springs
  • Hood latch assemblies with springs
  • We can clean springs and steel spring material. However, all spring metal can only receive a very light acid / rust treatment or it can be damaged
10050 phosphoric acid dip to remove paint and rust

Emblems / Pot metal

  • Most all emblems are made of pot metal. Pot metal parts will be destroyed if they go through our process.
  • Hood emblems
  • Fender / side emblems
  • Trunk emblems
  • Door handles
  • Door & window cranks
10060 Kabota tractor fuel hot tank clean rust

Fuel sending unit

  • Before bringing your fuel tank to us for cleaning be sure to remove everything possible.
  • Fuel sending units must be removed or they will be destroyed
10070  remove floor matting from ford mustang


  • All padding and insulation needs to be removed prior to handing your project over to us.
  • Remove as much as you can before bringing your parts in
  • Excess padding or insulation left in a car body or cab can cause our chemicals to have a hard time treating the metal
  • Floor matting and sound deading material needs to be removed as much as possible
10080 strip paint from chevy pickup cab dip to remove paint and rust

10090 strip paint from inside door panel 57 chevy

10100 Strip paint from louver hood or dash

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