Acid Dipping

We are the nations leading paint & rust removal business. Located in Eugene, Oregon since 2002. We proudly serve customers from across the US and Canada. Our chemical cleaning process is specially designed to prep painted & rusted metal for paint.
  • Car Bodies & Pickup Cabs
  • Doors, Fenders, Hoods, Deck Lids, & more
  • Automotive Fuel Tanks
  • Large Commercial Fuel Tanks
  • Motorcycle Gas Tanks
  • Industrial Parts & Equipment
  • Louver Doors, Registers, & Vents
  • Restaurant Equipment
  • Tractor Parts & Fuel Tanks
  • Antiques
4000 acid dipped 72 chevy pickup cab  strip paint
4010 chemical strip chevy pickup cab


We are the only Acid Dipping company that specializes in classic cars, classic pickup trucks, classic auto parts like doors, fenders, hoods, deck lids, and more. Our process is specially designed to strip paint and grease, treat rust, and inhibit future rust. Our acid dipping process provides results that are far superior to any other method of paint removal and very cost effective. We strip the paint inside and out, clean grease and grime inside and out, kill rust inside and out stopping it from continuing to grow, inhibit rust inside and out, and leave you a product that's paint ready.

4020 acid dip fenders doors hood ford chevy


Acid dipping classic car and truck automobile doors, fenders, hoods, deck lids, and more. Try cleaning a door by hand. Ever try stripping the paint from a car door? Sure removing the paint from the outside isn't too bad. What about the inside of a door? The door jams? Try stripping the paint from the door jams on your own. Try cleaning inside the door. Or bring it to us and let MetalWorks Paint and Rust Removal strip the paint for you. Our process cleans inside, outside, door jams, everywhere giving you a paint ready surface.

4030 strip paint inside pickup cab ford chevy acid dip


Stripping paint from metal pieces and cleaning them inside and out is what we do. Our dipping process prepares previously painted and rusted surfaces for paint. First step in chemically stripping or cleaning any metal surface is treatment in our hot tank. This heated caustic solution removes the paint and grease and preps the metal for treatment in our second tank. A bath in the acid tank is the second treatment which kills the rust and preps the piece for painting. After treatment in the acid tank and a fully cleaning with high pressure fresh water we dip or apply our proprietary rust inhibitor. This final set guards against rerusting allowing you time to do metal repairs prior to paint.

4040 acid dip 54 chevy pickup cab truck cab remove paint


Here you can see how effective our acid dipping paint stripping process is on a 1954 Chevy Pickup Cab.

4050 strip paint car pickup door


Here's a look at the typical results when acid dipping a classic car door to strip paint and treat rusted metal.

4060 acid dipped volkswagon beetle body


Here is what a Volkswagen Beetle body looks like after going through our acid dipping process.

4070 acid dipped 57 chevy fender


Acid dipped classic pickup fender. As you can see it looks like brand new metal after going through our stripping process.

4080 strip paint from underside of chevy deck lid trunk


The underside of hoods and deck lids are when our acid dipping paint stripping process really becomes invaluable. There is no other possible way to clean the underside of a hood or deck lid like our paint stripping process can do. Stripping paint and treating any rust inside and out all at very affordable prices. Please see our prices page or details.

4090 remove rust from inside fuel tank hydraulic diesel

4100 treat inside rusted chevy ford hood

4110 strip paint from car truck pickup hood

4120 clean dirty rust  seat springs chemical dip

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