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New Customer Information

Most commonly asked questions during calls with new or potentially new customers:

  • HOW LONG DOES THE PROCESS TAKE? The minimum process time from start to finish is five business days.  That’s the minimum.  The challenge is that it can and often does take longer.  Everything has lived a different life.  Therefore, we have no idea how much time each project will require.
  • DO I NEED AN APPOINTMENT TO BRING IN MY PROJECT? Yes for car bodies & pickup cabs, not for just parts. We just want to know when someone is coming with a car body or pickup cab and parts.  Most of our business is out of state.  Meaning there is a long travel time to get here.  We just want to be ready for you when you get here.
  • WHAT IF I JUST HAVE PARTS? We run parts daily.  If it’s just parts, bring them.  We’ll get them going right away.  Parts are generally done in less than 3 weeks from the time we receive them.
  • HOW FAR OUT ARE YOU? Do you mean when can I bring my project in?  You can bring your project anytime.  It just must be ready.  Bring it anytime, we just want to know when you’re coming so we’re ready for you.
  • HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE? Great question.  I wish I could easily answer that.  We’ve had a significant backlog for years now.  The wait time is always floating based on the workload we have and the time each project requires.  Our process takes time.  Each project takes whatever time required until we’ve given it 110% of what we can do.  Nothing less than 110% effort on our side.  That’s every project in front of yours and yours.  We can generally estimate the wait time when we talk prior to making your first trip to Eugene.
  • DO YOU PUT ANYTHING ON THE METAL TO KEEP IN FROM RUSTING?   Yes we do. Everything we clean gets the rust inhibitor treatment immediately after the last pressure washer cleaning.  Our rust inhibitor protection is very effective and will guard your parts from rusting for a long time.  As long as you keep them dry!
  • CAN I GET MY PARTS BACK SOONER? Yes, we can run the parts for your project right away.  That way you can get working on them while you wait for your pickup cab or car body.
  • CAN I STAY AND WAIT UNTIL IT’S DONE?  Yes, but it’s a minimum of five business days from start to finish.  AND it can take longer.  Greater than 95% of our business bring it when you’re ready, come back for it when we’re done.  That gives us unlimited amount of time for your project.  Most project do not require more than the five-day minimum for us to do everything we can to clean it. If you are considering making one trip and staying in the area, we schedule those based on our current workload.  This is done out of respect for all the customers who already have their projects here on the lot and waiting.
  • DO I HAVE TO TAKE EVERYTHING A PART?  Yes, every single thing.  Let me repeat that:  yes, every single thing.  Okay once more for anyone still wording what I mean.  Every single thing must be removed and separated.   We want to do 110% on every single thing that comes to us.  That starts with the prep.  You’re coming to us or considering coming to us because you want your metal clean.  We want to give you back the cleanest metal we can.  See the prep sheet below.
  • WHAT ABOUT THE COWL TAG OR VIN TAG?   Remove all aluminum tabs or tags held on with aluminum rivets.
  • DO I NEED TO KEEP IT DRY WHEN YOU’RE DONE?  Yes, when we are done it MUST stay dry.  No matter what you may be thinking when we are done it must stay dry.  What about epoxy primer?  It must stay dry.  Okay just to help make the point, one more time.  When we are done it MUST STAY DRY.  Starting in 2023 I began telling callers if they weren’t going to make sure it stays dry then please don’t bring your project to us.  It’s that important.  If you let it get wet on the way home and it looks terrible people see that and think is a reflection of us.  No thank you.  We will do nothing less than 110% on each and every part/project.  Please plan accordingly to do your part.
  • CAN YOU APPLY EPOXY PRIMER?  We cannot do epoxy primer.  We are stripping and cleaning, not applications.  We have options for this here in Eugene.  We can help match you up with someone that can do epoxy primer or any other work you may need.  Epoxy or not it must stay dry!!
  • IS THE RUST INHIBITOR AN EXTRA COST? No. The rust inhibitor application is included in the prices listed.  There is never any additional charge for the rust inhibitor application.  It’s a required step in the process and as such included in any/all pricing.
  • SHOULD I ADD LIFT POINTS FOR YOU? No. Don’t worry about lift points.  We will figure out what we need and how we’re going to attach to your project and lift it.
  • DO I NEED TO ADD BRACING TO MY PROJECT?  Does it need it?  Then yes. Use angle iron, not tube steel.  If the structure of your project is in question then add the necessary bracing.  Use angle iron, not tube steel (yes repeating it).  Make sure everything will stay in place but don’t over do it.  Remember everything you add is something that’s in our way.



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