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We dip and clean steel classic car bodies, pickup cabs, parts, fuel tanks, and all kinds of other steel items.

If you’re interested in having your classic car body, pickup cab, parts, and/or any other type of steel items clean you’re in good hands.

We’re glad you’re interested in having your sheet-metal chemically cleaned and we’re happy you found us.

Most first-time customers have lots of questions and concerns.  This is totally understandable.  Almost all first-time callers have the same group of questions and concerns. We look forward to working with you on your project and helping answer all your questions and concerns.  Before we get to your questions a little information about us.

We are a small business in Eugene, Oregon with a large customer area.  We’ve cleaned parts for customers from Alaska, Hawaii, to Vermont to Florida, San Diego & Mexico, and everywhere inside those boundaries.  If you’re thinking we are a long way from where you are, you’re not alone.

In some ways what we do is very simple, yet on the other hand it’s very delicate and focused to achieve the highest level of cleanliness we can do.

The base of our business is classic cars and parts.  However, we’ve cleaned steel for a defense contractor on the East Coast, a specialized telescope lifting apparatuses for NASA, salmon canning equipment made in the 30’s and still used today, and all kinds of other unique steel items.

When it comes to cleaning steel car bodies, pickup cabs, and parts, it’s what we specialize in.  We’ve cleaned $2 million-dollar Gulling’s, lots of cars for Dave, Kevin, and the guys on Bitchin Rides, lots of Mopar’s for Mark and his crew across town at Graveyard Carz, we’ve been featured in Hot VW Magazine, and even been featured on one episode of Bitchin Rides.

Now a little understanding how we do what we do.  Our process is like doing dishes in your kitchen sink.  Just on a much larger scale.  Step one is soaking your car body and parts in a tank of hot water with a cleaning agent.  After an undetermined amount of time each part is removed and manually cleaned with the use of fresh water and very powerful pressure washing equipment.  Once an item is as clean as possible it goes into a second bath.  The second bath is a very diluted acid solution to treat the rust and neutralize the part from the base cleaning bath.  After one to two days in the acid bath parts are removed and again manually cleaned with the same high pressure, freshwater cleaning process.  Immediately upon finishing the cleaning each part has a rust inhibitor solution applied.  Then the parts are dried, and we’re done.  At that point everything must stay dry!

For questions, please see the New Customer Information page.  On this page I have tried to address as many of the normal questions asked on first time calls.  For all first-time customers it is important that we actually talk by phone and discuss your project and any specifics it may involve.  However, it would be very helpful for both of us if you kindly reviewed the New Customer Information prior to our time on the phone.

We look forward to talking to you about your project, working with you on our portion of your project, and thank you for your business.


Bo Keepers   President/Owner

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