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Parts, equipment, pipes, bbq & restaurant equipment, manufacturing equipment, FDM & plywood manufacturing equipment, food service & manufacturing equipment, conveyor mats, more.

Stainless Steel food service manufacturing conveyor mats. We chemically clean stainless steel conveyor mats. Often returning them to looking almost like new. Our process is a fraction of purchasing new which saves your business tons of money.

We clean water treatment facilities stainless steel air scour lateral pipes. Our process cleans air scour lateral stainless steel pipes returning them to nearly new condition. Having us chemically clean your stainless steel pipes and parts will save you hundred or thousands and in some cases hundred thousands of dollars.

We clean stainless steel pumps and parts for the forest products and paper manufacturing industries. In our local area we have several FDM manufacturing plants all using lots of glues and resins in their process. Much of their equipment is stainless steel that becomes coated in the process. Over time they are no longer able to clean their stainless steel pipes and parts. At that point we take over the cleaning of them saving them thousands of dollars over buying new.

Bottom line is that if your business uses stainless steel in your manufacturing process it’s worth a call to us to see if we can save you money!!