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  • Hot Tank
  • H.P. Cleaning 1
  • Acid Tank
  • H.P. Cleaning 2
  • Rust Inhibitor
  • Air Dry

Step 1: Hot Tank

First step in the cleaning process is two days in the hot tank at over 200 degrees. This step is where the main cleaning is done. The chemical and heat mix to make a dangerous but effective key step.

Step 2: H.P. Cleaning

Very high pressure washing until each part is absolutely as clean as we can get it. We take each step in the process very seriously to ensure thorough cleaning.

Step 3: Acid Tank

Two days submerged in acid accomplishes two things at the same time. Treats the rust and neutralizes the base paint removal chemical at the same time.

Step 4: H.P. Cleaning

Full high pressure fresh water cleaning a second time.

Step 5: Rust Inhibitor

Key final step. Rust prevention coating. The application of rust inhibitor helps guard the metal from rusting prior to primer and paint.

Step 6: Air Dry

Simple air dry when we’re done. Warm air and use of fans to keep air moving over the parts.