Fuel Tank Cleaning

MetalWorks Paint & Rust Removal specializes in cleaning rusted fuel tanks. From small motorcycle tanks to very large commercial truck & equipment tanks.
  • Motorcycle Gas Tanks
  • Automotive Gas Tanks
  • Late Model Diesel Pickup Tanks
  • Commercial Truck Diesel Tanks
  • Heavy / Logging Equipment Fuel Tanks
  • Hydraulic Tanks
  • Rock Crushing Equipment Fuel Tanks
  • Tractor Fuel Tanks
  • RV Fuel Tanks
  • Generator Diesel Tanks
6000 Triad Machinery fuel tank acid dip
6010 Pape Machinery fuel tank hot tank cleaning

Heavy Equipment & Logging Equipment Fuel Tanks

We clean heavy equipment & logging equipment fuel tanks. To date no fuel tank has been too large for us to clean. Having problems with rust inside your fuel tank clogging fuel filters. Don't spend thousands on a new tank or months with your truck or equipment down. We can generally clean any size tank in about 10 days at the most. This gets your equipment back working and making you money faster. This tank was originally from Pape Machinery & Equipment. It was off some rock crushing equipment and was rusted on the inside causing real problems. See the picture below for how it looked on the inside after our acid dipping & metal cleaning process.

6020 clean inside fuel tank Pape Machinery

Heavy Equipment Diesel Fuel Tanks

This picture is of the inside of the 450D Pape Machinery tank above. Looks almost like new inside after going through our hot tank and acid tank cleaning process.

6030 RV fuel tank clean inside remove rust Oregon Washington

Rv Fuel & Diesel Tanks

We clean RV fuel tanks. Many of the RV fuel tanks we clean would cost $1500 to $2500 apiece to replace. We can clean them for a fraction of the replacement cost. Our process provides amazing results to otherwise useless fuel & diesel tanks.

6040 Ford F350 Fuel Tanks F450  clean inside hot tank

Automotive Gas Tanks

Gas tanks of classic cars & trucks or late model diesel pickup truck tanks. We can clean them all. Many gas tanks we clean are ones that do not have replacement gas tanks available. Even if there are replacement gas tanks many times we can save you hundreds of dollars and get you up and running again much sooner. Ford F350 & F450 diesel tanks are very common tanks for us to clean.

6050 acid dip motorcycle gas tank hot tank

Motorcycle Gas Tanks

Rusty motorcycle gas tank? Let us clean it for you. No better way of cleaning the inside of your motorcycle gas tank then acid dipping it. Cleaning your motorcycle gas tank at home will not come anywhere close to what our caustic hot tank and acid tank cleaning process will do. Our heated caustic solution, high pressure fresh water cleaning, acid tank treatment, and more high pressure cleaning have your motorcycle gas tank as clean as possible without cutting it open.

6060 hot tank truck fuel tank oregon

Commercial Truck Diesel & Fuel Tanks

We clean fuel tanks for all kinds of commercial trucks: Pepsi Beverage, Pape Machinery, Truck Repair shops, Tow Truck businesses, Fisher Farm & Lawn, City, County, & State Government Maintenance Departments, & and more.

6070 hot tank hydraulic tank to remove rust

Hydraulic Tanks

We clean hydraulic tanks too! Hydraulic tanks are very expensive to replace. Call us to see what we can do to clean your hydraulic tank and save you tons of money.

6080 hot tank acid dip generator fuel tank

Generator Diesel & Fuel Tanks

RV generator tanks, equipment generator tanks, home generator fuel tanks, we clean them all. No need to spend tons of money on a new one. Let us clean it for you.

6090 Kabota tractor fuel hot tank clean rust

Tractor Diesel & Fuel Tanks

Old or newer tractor tanks alike we clean them all. Having problems with your old tractor tank? No replacement available? No problem. We can hot tank and acid dip your tractor diesel or gas fuel tank to clean the inside to get rid of the junk.

6100 inside of fuel tank after acid dipping

6110 pape machinery fuel tank after hot tank and acid dip

6120 triad machinery hydraulic tank after hot tank and acid dip

6130 hot tank car pickup truck gas tank

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