Understanding our process is easy and important. Most all the questions we get are due misinformation or misunderstanding about the chemicals used, the pH scale, and flow of our process.
  • Step 1 Heated Caustic Solution
  • Step 2 Powerwashing with Fresh Water
  • Step 3 Acid Solution
  • Step 4 Powerwashing with Fresh Water
  • Step 5 Rust Inhibitor Treatment
  • Step 6 Air Dry
  • Please read below for detailed information
9000 57 Chevy pickup cab after acid dipping to strip paint and rust
9010 aluminum VIN tags pot metal remove before hot tank caustic soda

First: What We Do Not Clean or Remove

  • We do not clean aluminum parts
  • We do not clean pot metal parts
  • We do not do anything with chrome. Somehow this one is hard to explain. We do not remove, clean, strip, remove, or treat anything chrome.
  • We do not remove powder coating or Imron
  • We have a tough time with base / clear paints newer than mid 80's. We can strip many newer paints but might require some extra prep
  • We cannot guarantee all bondo & fillers will be removed.
  • We cannot guarantee all undercoating's will be completely removed, most of the time most will.
  • Cast parts & spring metal items: we must be careful with the rust/acid treatment for these types of parts, paint removal is not an issue
9020 heated caustic soda tank

Step 1

  • Parts are carefully suspended in our heated caustic tank
  • For parts to be fully clean we must do our best to be sure there are no pockets of trapped air anywhere inside the bodies and parts
  • Generally parts sit in this tank for 2 days
  • The heat, chemicals, correct mixing ratio of liquids, and time all play a factor during paint and grease removal phase
9030 55 Chevy pickup cab chemical dipped

Step 2

  • Powerwashing with high pressure fresh water
  • After parts have been fully treated in the hot tank they are removed and taken to the wash basin
  • Each part is fully washing with very high pressure fresh water.
  • All seams are very carefully followed to ensure they are full cleaned.
  • Following the high pressure water cleaning parts are also rinsed with fresh water also
  • Once they are clean as we can get them they are ready for the step 3
9040 69 Camaro body in phosohoric acid tank

Step 3

  • Parts are carefully suspended in the acid tank
  • Just as in the first tank we must closly watch each body, cab, and piece so no pockets of air allow untreated areas.
  • The acid teatment is the key to our process. Acid neutrializes the base (caustic) chemical that removes paint
  • The only question asked is how we neutralize the acid. People the acid is not what you need to worry about. It's the paint removal chemicals
  • We use the same acid that's been used for over 60 years to "treat rusted metal for paint" Says that right on the label!!
  • Everyone knows you neutrialize batter acid with what? Baking soda, a base chemical. We just do the opposite.
  • We neutralize the powerful base chemical with a paint friendly acid.
9050 clean seams after acid dipping

Step 4

  • Parts are again moved to the wash basin and cleaned with high pressure water.
  • All areas are very closely cleaned with varies washing tips and extreamly high pressure fresh water.
  • Once each part is fully cleaned with the high pressure they are also fully rinsed with more fresh water.
9070   56 chevy  pickup cab hot tank strip paint

Step 5

  • Rust inhibitor application is included at no extra charge. Unlike others we don't charge more for our rust inhibitor.
  • Another very important step in our process is the application of our proprietry rust inhibitor product
  • Our rust inhibitor guards agains flash rust & rusting giving you plenty of time for transportation, storage, and doing metal work.
  • The rust inhibitor is an very inert product that easily wipes away during normal cleaning prior to painting
  • Small parts are submersed in this product and large parts are sprayed.
  • Our rust inhibitor mixture in thin like water and only needs to touch the surface of the metal to protect it
9070 acid dipping how to neutralize acid pH scale

Step 6

  • Air dry
  • After everything is all done parts only need to simple air dry.
  • We have found air drying with moving fresh air is the best way to finish our metal cleaning process.
9080 remove rust from inside fuel tank hydraulic diesel gas tractor

9090 67 camaro strip paint acid dip metal dip hot tank

9100 Valve Covers hot caustic sode tank to strip paint remove grease

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