Located in Eugene, Oregon we are the West Coasts premier metal cleaning business.  
Over 40 years experience cleaning metal parts. 
Committed to doing our best on every single part to give you the best results possible.

1 We Acid Dip Cars   450wide

10 1969 Camaro after acid dipping strip paint

We Hot Tank & Acid Dip:

Classic Car Bodies

Muscle Car Bodies

Pickup Cabs

Doors, Hoods, Fenders, & more

With over 40 years behind us you can believe we know our process extremely well.  We know the results you want and work extremely hard to meet or exceed your expectations.

Ford Pickup Cab after acid dipping

From start to finish and each step of the way through out process each and every part is handled with care.  We clean each part individually to ensure the best cleaning possible.

 We know understanding our process is key.  At least once a week someone calls saying "my friend told me this" or "my friends said that about acid dipping" or "I keep reading this or that online about acid dipping".  Our process is designed to give you the results and want and need.  Our acid dipping process is specifically designed to clean and prep metal parts for paint.

Simply put there is no better way to begin any restoration project!!
1 Cadillac after acid dipping to strip paint kill rust

Please call or email to ask any questions you may have about your parts.  We are committed to helping you understand our process and how it's superior to other method of stripping.

1 Nash Body after acid dipping paint strip - Copy

Paint Removal

Rust Removal

Rust Inhibitor coating

Chemical Immersion Metal Cleaning

We clean metal through the use of water base, food grade chemicals, heat, and high pressure water.  Our process is a proven cleaning method providing amazing results at an affordable price.

Paint Stripping

Hot Tanking

Acid Dipping

Remove Oil & Grease

Remove Mill Scale

Metal Pickling

Rust Removal

Scale Build Up Removal

Cylinder Head Cleaning

Industrial Transmission Parts

Water Treatment Facility Equipment

Restaurant Equipment

Heavy Equipment Parts

Manufacturing Equipment

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