We chemically clean and strip paint, powder coating racks, and hydro graphic dipping racks.

Does your business paint, powder coat, or hydrographics, water transfer printing, hydro printing?

We can clean your racks saving your tons of money over buying new.




We clean paint racks

We clean powder coating racks

We clean hydrographic and water transfer printing racks.

If your business is in the manufacturing industry and you paint small parts, powder coat parts, hydro dip & water transfer small parts using racks we can clean them for you.

Saving you tons of money over the cost of manufacturing or purchasing new racks when the old ones become to covered to use.

The hydrographic racks shown above are used in a local archery manufacturing company's process.  Before calling us they just used the racks until they were to covered to use any more.   At that point they made new ones and set the old ones aside.  Our process is very effective on stripping the water transfer graphics buildup on their racks.  The many layers of film that builds up on their hydro dipping and image transfer racks are quickly and safely removed by our process.  Most paint racks, powder coating racks, and water transfer printing racks look almost new when we're done.